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Welcome to WINGS Express Finance Documentation

This site is the primary instructional source for WINGS Express Finance. It is continually being updated with new articles and tutorials to assist you, see the What's New article for details. You may read specific chapters by selecting them below or using the navigation links on the left. You can also search to find specific topics within the chapters using the search box to the left. Please contact your Business Manager with additional questions.

StackedBooks.png Chapter 1:
Introduction to Banner Finance
StackedBooks.png Chapter 2:
Chart of Accounts Structure
StackedBooks.png Chapter 3:
Finance Documents
StackedBooks.png Chapter 4:
Journal Vouchers
StackedBooks.png Chapter 5:
Financial Data Queries
StackedBooks.png Chapter 6:
Finding Available Balance
StackedBooks.png Chapter 7:
Reconciliation Techniques
StackedBooks.png Chapter 8:
Grants Ledger Queries
StackedBooks.png Chapter 9:
General Ledger Report
StackedBooks.png Chapter 10:
Managing your Templates
StackedBooks.png Docs
Chart.png Using Excel to Analyze Finance Data
Quick Tips Help.png Glossary WrightBuy.gif
What's New?

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