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Setup Instructions
Setup Instructions
Usage Instructions
Usage Instructions
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FAQs and Passwords

Free RaiderMail Training for Faculty and Staff

CaTS offers free RaiderMail training for faculty and staff. For these training sessions, technicians from the CaTS Help Desk will guide you in the use of RaiderMail's email and calendar system and answer any questions you may have. A list of upcoming training sessions is available on the RaiderMail Training page.

Top RaiderMail Questions

How Do I Access RaiderMail?

To access RaiderMail, log in to the WINGS Portal and click on the Email/Calendar icon in the top right corner. You'll be taken directly to RaiderMail Online. You can also access your email, calendar, and contacts using a desktop email client or smartphone. Explore the Setup Instructions and Usage Instructions areas on the left-side navigation for more information.

What Are the Benefits of RaiderMail?

RaiderMail offers many benefits and features that our current email system doesn't have, such as:

  • More storage space (10GB for email alone, compared to the current 250MB for faculty/staff and the 100MB that students had before they were moved in early 2012)
  • Access to SkyDrive, a 7GB password-protected hard drive that is accessible from any computer
  • Ability to share and simultaneously edit documents within a secure workspace
  • Individual, sharable calendar
  • The ability to check your email on the web, from any email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), and on your mobile phone
  • Anti-spam and virus protection

Will I lose any email messages that I've previously received?

You will not lose any emails you've received prior to the RaiderMail conversion. All of your email messages will be transferred to and accessible from RaiderMail.

Will my contact groups or email filters within WINGS Email be moved to the new system?

Any contact groups or email filters you've created within WINGS Email will not be moved to the new system. You must re-create these within the RaiderMail system.

Will my calendar events within WINGS Calendar be moved to the new system?

Any calendar events you've created within WINGS Calendar will not be moved to the new system. You must re-create these within the RaiderMail system.

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Setup Instructions
Usage Instructions
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