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Setup Instructions
Setup Instructions
Usage Instructions
Usage Instructions
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FAQs and Passwords

Top RaiderMail Questions

How Do I Access RaiderMail?

To access RaiderMail, log in to the WINGS Portal and click on the Email/Calendar icon in the top right corner. You'll be taken directly to RaiderMail Online. You can also access your email, calendar, and contacts using a desktop email client or smartphone. Explore the Setup Instructions and Usage Instructions areas on the left-side navigation for more information.

What Are the Benefits of RaiderMail?

RaiderMail offers many benefits and features such as:

  • 50 GB for email
  • Individual, sharable calendar
  • The ability to check your email on the web, from any email client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), and on your mobile phone
  • Anti-spam and virus protection
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Setup Instructions
Usage Instructions
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