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Adding Workflow Request Channel to WINGS

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  1. Login to WINGS (http://wings.wright.edu) with your CAMPUS username and password.
  2. Click on the Content Layout link in the top left corner (see a picture of this below).
  3. Choose which WINGS tab you would like the channel to appear (Home, Academics, etc).
  4. Decide which column you would like the channel to appear, and click one of the New Channel buttons in that column.
  5. In the Select a category drop down menu, choose Applications, then click Go.
  6. Under Select a channel, scroll down the list until you find SCT Workflow Request and click once on it to select it.
  7. Click the Add Channel button on the right. You’ll be taken back to the Manage Content/Layout page.
  8. Optional: Move the channel to a new position by using the arrow keys inside the channel’s box.
  9. Click on the Back to…Tab link in the top left corner to return to your WINGS layout. You should now see the SCT Workflow Request channel.


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