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Enroll in a Payment Plan

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  1. Select the Student and Financial Aid link or tab from the WINGS Express main menu.
  2. Select the Student Fees link.
  3. Select the Student Account Optionslink.
  4. Select the Enroll in Payment Plan button.
  5. Click Enroll Now.
  6. Select the Term from the drop-down list and click Select.
  7. Review the installment plan details, then click the Continue.
    1. Note: The number of payments showing on your Payment Schedule will depend on whether you are enrolling in the three or four Payment Plan.
  8. Click the Display Payment Schedule button to see a payment schedule for your installment.
  9. Choose either Yes to schedule automatic installment payments, or No to pay the installments on your own.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Choose a Payment Method and follow the instructions under the How to Pay Student Fees section.
  12. To electronically sign the installment agreement, click the I Agree button.
  13. Click the Continue button to complete your enrollment.
  14. A receipt will be sent to your WSU email account to confirm payment.

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