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How to Assign a Proxy to Your Workflow Account

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To learn how to assign a proxy to your workflow account, follow the steps below, or click the link on the right to watch the video.

  1. Login to WINGS (http://wings.wright.edu) with your campus username and password.
  2. Find the SCT Workflow Worklist channel (see “Adding the SCT Workflow Worklist Channel to WINGS” if you haven’t yet done this).
  3. Click on the Open Workflow link. You will be taken to the Workflow application.
  4. Click the User Information link on the left. The screenshot you see below is displayed.
  5. Look for the role for which you would like to assign a proxy then click the Add Proxy link on the right.
  6. Select the username of your proxy from the User drop down list.
  7. Next, set Effective From and Effective To dates.
  8. Place a checkmark in both the Confidential and Non-Confidential boxes.
  9. Click the Save button.


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