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How do edits to an active survey affect either the survey or the distributed link?

Once a respondent opens the survey link, the current survey version is frozen, meaning that if they return to the link even after the edits have been made, they will still see the first version of the survey.

Is there a threshold of respondents after which edits are not accepted by the system?

Nope! We recommend not editing after the survey has been launched, especially because it could invalidate your data, but also because the edits are only seen by those who have not yet touched their link.

Are there best practices to follow if a survey creator realizes it is necessary to change the original survey post-launch?

We recommend only editing cosmetic errors such as spelling, grammar, etc. Moving the order of questions or answer choices or adding and deleting them will invalidate already collected results.

How do I mark questions for required responses?

During the creation of a survey, a question can be marked for a forced or requested response (on the Edit Survey tab, click on the question, then check Force Response under Validation Options in the right column).

However, there is currently no indication of a required response for the user completing the survey.

To indicate to an end user that a question is required, the survey creator can add a red asterisk to the question (using the Rich Text Editor) along with a text entry block at the beginning of the survey indicating that questions marked with this asterisk are required.

A feature request has been submitted and accepted by Qualtrics on August 13, 2012.

Can Qualtrics produce a random selection of respondents for me?

No. The Qualtrics tool does not currently provide a way to randomly select respondents for departments conducting surveys who wish to enter respondents in a prize drawing.

Is there a way to suppress IP address collection?

Yes, go to the Edit Survey tab, click the Survey Options icon and select Anonymize Responses.

If you are using [End of Survey Elements] http://www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/advanced-building/survey-flow/end-of-survey-element, or screening out respondents using Quotas, you may need to customize those to ensure that you do not record respondent data as well. Clearing out panel data is an action that occurs when responses are recorded or submitted. If you are screening out respondents, you may need to look to the Survey Flow or Quotas page to customize other areas.

Changing these settings after the distribution of a survey will not retroactively remove IP addresses.

Is there a way to change button labels?

By default the button is labeled >> to indicate going to the next page. You can change the text of this button in the Look and Feel window access from the Edit Survey tab. A Submit button can be added to the last page of your survey using [JavaScript] http://www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/coders-corner/javascript found on the Qualtrics website. Navigate to the CUSTOM ‘SUBMIT’ BUTTON link and it will provide the code.

Can an emailed survey link become inactive even if the survey remains active?

Please note that when you use the Qualtrics Mailer to send out the survey, there is an expiration date set for the link that goes out with the email. The link is valid for 60 days by default. This means that if the link is not clicked on for 60 days, the link will expire. If the link is clicked on within 60 days, the Mailer expiration no longer applies, and the Partial Completion expiration takes over. For more information, please go to http://www.qualtrics.com/university/researchsuite/basic-building/basic-survey-options-settings/partial-completion

Why were IP addresses recorded instead of names for some users on an authenticated survey?

These participants failed the the maximum number of authentication attempts and were sent to the end of the survey flow without seeing the question. However, a response will be recorded as a failed attempt. To verify, go to the View Results tab and click on the responses that have an IP address. You should see that the question was never displayed to the respondent.

To increase the maximum number of attempts (set to 3 by default), go to Survey Flow, and click the Options link in the authenticator section.

Why does GeoIP location in Recorded Responses Tab point to a generic location and not the actual location of the respondent?

Qualtrics uses MaxMind methodology. The longitude and latitude is sent and it is simply reporting the geographic center, so the center of their zip code, or their city, or their state. The most accurate data they can determine is zip code. Any proximity of our reported latitude and longitude to the actual address is coincidental. The GeoIP address can be removed on the survey level before collecting responses (Survey Options > Anonymize Responses).

What do the status codes in my downloaded file respresent?

0 - A Normal response, 1 - A Preview response, 2 - A Test response, 4 - An Imported Response, 8 - A spam response (Same IP address as another response within 24 hours)

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